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 Nails: It’s belong to the fastener. It’s also known as wire nails. It is the most fundamental and basic tool in construction industry. 
Head: A round flat metal piece formed at the top of the nail; for increased holding power
Shank: The body the length of the nail between the head and the point; may be smooth, or may have rings or spirals for greater holding power.
Point: Also known as tip. Sharpened end opposite the "head" for greater ease in driving. The point of the nails is sharp and pointed for easy insertion so you don't break the shingles or damage the wood when driving the nails through.
Length: It generally means that the distance from the bottom of the head to the point of a nail
Bright :The surface has no coating. It is not recommended for weather exposure use.
Galvanized: The surface has treated for resistance to corrosion or weather exposure.
Electro-galvanized: Provides a smooth finish with some corrosion resistance
Hot dip galvanzied : Provides a rough finish that deposits more zinc than other methods, resulting in very high corrosion resistance that is suitable for some acidic and treated lumber.
Wire nails: It is also known as "French nails" for their country of origin.A general term for a nail with a round shank. 
Common nails: Common nails have smooth shank, wire nail with a heavy, flat head. They are typical used for building construction and framing.
Box nails: It looks like a common nail but with a thinner shank and head. Box nails are lighter and smaller than common nails. Brads are small, thin, tapered, nails with a lip or projection to one side rather than a full head or a small finish nail.
Roofing nails: A nail used for installing roofing or for woodworking. The main feature that distinguishes a roofing nail is its large head, which is usually much larger and flatter than other types of nails. 
Clout nails: It’s a roofing nail. Generally a short nail with a broad head used with asphalt shingles, felt paper or the like.
Roofing Screw nails: A roofing nails with screw shank.Generally used in joint wood, roof board, roofing sheet and related material to drill and tighten wood or iron sheet.
Concrete nails:  Also known as Steel nails or Masonry nails. Lengthwise fluted, hardened nail used for concrete use.
Finish nail: Also known as Brad head nails, Bullet head nail, lost-head nail or headless nail. A wire nail with a head only slightly larger than the shank . The small head intended to be minimally visible or driven below the wood surface and the hole filled to be invisible. 
Drywall nails: It also kown as plasterboard nails. A specialty blued-steel nail with a thin broad head used to fasten gypsum wallboard to wooden framing members. It is short, hardened, ring-shank nail with a very thin head.
Panel Pin:A very thin nail used to fasten wood paneling to supports.
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